Garba – Nav9rang Academy

Garba – Nav9rang Academy​

India is a land of different cultures. All the cultures have similar teachings in different ways. In this 21st century, though we have become very modern and developed, it is imperative to teach values to the coming generations which will become the base of their happy and contented life. Cultures and values build faith in us which drives us for positive actions. We have different mediums of inculcating culture like mythological books, festivals, dance forms etc. Garba is one such dance form which is associated with religious and social events. It is originated from Gujarat in India and is mainly performed during Navratri. Garba demonstrates the power of feminine divine and cyclical nature of life. Garba is performed in cyclical motions symbolizing unending and infinite movement of life. Dancing bare foot in Garba signifies strengthening of bond between human beings and Mother Earth. Garba is also a very good form of exercise.

Mr. Alpesh Rawal, an engineer and MBA by qualification, an influencer, a business man and an entrepreneur realized his interest & passion in Garba. He co-owns a construction company and is very fond of dancing. Being a Gujarati, he is very good in Garba from his childhood. He also has a certification in Power Garba Fitness.  Alpesh formed a Garba Academy Nav9rang in ____ and with his passion and commitment, has influenced more than 10,000 people across the globe. He worked tremendously and is extremely passionate about Nav9rang Academy. His main aim is to propagate the Gujarati culture and its values in people nationally and internationally. He considers that all cultures can instill values and facilitate people in thinking rationally. Alpesh, with his Nav9rang Academy wants people to understand that culture does not mean confinement, but empowers to be liberal and have one’s own set of principles and beliefs.

Nav9rang Academy has 17 branches across Mumbai, 8 branches across India (excluding Mumbai) and 2 International branches in such a short span of time. Nav9rang Academy has trained more than ____ people including children. They have won many awards in various Garba nights like –

  • 2 awards in finale in Falguni Pathak Garba
  • Best Garba Player
  • King of Garba
  • Best Dressed Couple
  • Best Dressed Male

Alpesh was also invited as a Judge in Rasrang Garba in Thane 2020 at Naitik Nagda.

Nav9rang Academy is now a renowned name in Garba Academies. Hard work, dedication, commitment and a strong belief on values are the foundation pillars of Nav9rang. Nav9rang is on its path of success and growth and aiming towards conducting shows on the international level. Nav9rang is also working towards opening different franchises.

So, today in this competitive world, Nav9rang, on it’s part, is carrying the responsibility of helping people feel de-stressed, relaxed, realize their passions, be healthy and come closer to their cultures. We urge people to support Alpesh & Nav9rang Academy in it’s mission to spread a happy, healthy and trustworthy lifestyle.